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       UPDATE November 2015: 

       After 5 years, many great gigs and two well-received recordings, The Modern Grass Quintet has reluctantly decided to call it quits. As is sometimes the case with musical acts, scheduling challenges and family obligations became insurmountable. 

       An occasional reunion concert is possible, and several of us will undoubtedly appear on-stage together in some configuration. Our CDs continue to be available on-line, and if you’d like to purchase a signed disc, feel free to contact us for more information.
       The boys in the band—Stephen Waud, Kirk Lord, Andy Greene, Todd Sagar and Adam Buchwald, as well as founding members Steve Light and Joseph Campanella Cleary—would like to express heartfelt gratitude to our fans, friends and families for their support. Special thanks to the venues which hosted us and the DJs who played our music. All the best and have a great holiday season!

      "In addition to being great musicians, the members of the band create a natural swing which makes them stand out among many pickers. Great music, and it'll make you want to jump!"

     - Robert Resnik, host of Vermont Public Radio's All the Traditions

     "The Modern Grass Quintet, based in Burlington with five of the best pickers in the state and a new album, Bellwether, has firmly established itself as a member of the top echelon of Vermont's bluegrass musical ensembles."

     - Art Edelstein, Barre Montpelier Times-Argus